Minecraft Item is a site founded by Vytlock. The purpose of the site is to offer a lot of texture packs for those who want to add texture packs to the game, to offer a lot of mod packs for those who want to install a mod pack, to show all the items for those who need a crafting guide, to show the construction of all the items, house, building, etc. is to present tutorials of things to users.

We offer you tons of mod packs, texture packs, tutorials and crafting guides on our site.

With an easy interface, we make your job easier and enable you to find what you are looking for in the fastest and safest way.


Minecraft Item is a Vyt Lock project and all rights belong to Vytlock. The team of this site, which was founded by Vytlock CEO and Founder Vedat Yagiz Tas, is a total of 4 people.

Vedat Yagiz TAS

· Founder ·
· Programmer ·
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Ismail Kerem Cetinkaya

· Content Creator ·
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Furkan Ozden

· Programmer ·

Elanur Meryem Kuruten

· Social Media Manager ·